New Wellness Coaching - The 12 Tips For 2017.


The time is now, the new year is now, with the busy life of a modern woman, one must ask how to have time for yourself, to cultivate and truly think about yourself. Hectic schedules, family, work and other commitments push women to a life without time for themselves. This new year, dare to take the time, time to renew yourself and enforce rules to bloom new life into your veins.


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Cultivate your inner garden, cater to yourself and the matters of your heart, looking out for your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical well-being. Do not neglect your personal identity as a woman and as a person, take some time to analyse the things you want to change about yourself. Embrace self-worth and healing inside, set a personal program for personal engagement and inner growth, there are wonderful authors and books online to support this. Avoid clutter and do away with the inner mess, resolve to deal with your inner difficulties once and for all, bury the past and embrace the future with new goals and aspiration. Your life is like a closet and you need to make choices, choose to put away that which is of no use, do away with the old and in with the new, create space for new things, keep what is memorable and precious, what is of value and deemed worthy of keeping. Cultivate your inner garden with self-esteem, positive role models and positive things, elements that will lead you to be a healthier, stronger, balanced woman.




Seek a healthy personal image both inside and out, having a healthy projection of your personal image is a rule. Consider a new look, a new outfit, a new image of you, a better image of you. Aim to be your best, for your own appraisal and those who you care about and love, beauty lies on the inside and blooms like a flower out. Book a day at a recommended salon, pick colors and clothing that boost your personal image and needs that will lead you to be a healthier, stronger, balanced woman. An honest and realistic reflection of yourself will push you to action, Indeed take action, choose a brighter colour to your personal image, choose to lose weight and trim your figure, choose makeup and beauty products that bring your looks to life. Invest in new clothing, clothing that will make you feel good about yourself, you can donate your old clothes to organisations like dress for success, an organisation that caters to women's outer image to succeed in life. Get a tan, try new hairstyles, express yourself and enjoy what it means to be a woman. 



Time off for you, take time off for yourself indeed, stress is a silent killer, raising our blood pressure and making weaker to disease as our immune system becomes weakened. Take time to relax, time to relieve pressure, consider taking a day at a local spa, a day at the beach, where you can have some leisure activities that can bring new energies in you. Do not give into just focusing on your responsibilities, commitments to others and daily life chores. Mark a day and time off your busy week, just for you, this is extremely important for your wellbeing both mental and physical. Do not let anything undermine your personal self -worth, learn to say no and give yourself the time a day.  Time to enjoy what makes you happy and what boosts your self-worth and personal value.



De-stress, stress can damage your overall health, your heart and your concentration, some even consider stress a key in the development of cancer and other illness. Listen to music, dance, practice yoga and meditation, there are venues to even join others in the community and make friends. Friends and loved ones are also very important in recreating your mind. Meditate at least 5 to 10 minutes, meditation can help with concentration and therefore helping you focus on work projects. Meditation has proven medically to help relax, meditation helps resolve concerns, make decisions, get inspired and more. Read a book, reading can help you get inspired and become creative, ebooks are an excellent and cheap alternative. Stress can and will cause havoc on your body and mind, get rid of it as soon as possible.



Get a full check-up, as we move on, our lives we need to keep track of what matters the most, which is our health. Getting a full medical check up in essential to your self-care, full and complete health checkups. Many women ignore many conditions that may lie hidden because they do not experience symptoms, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more conditions can go on unnoticed until they are fairly progressed. It is important then to make sure you make a visit to your local doctors as soon as possible, this is truly self-care. Get screened for breast cancer, consider a pap smear. get the proper screening of your body, especially if you are of older age, the higher the age the more the risk of many onset diseases such as heart disease. This is also very important and must be top on your personal agenda, get informed, know how your body is truly doing. An HPV vaccine is also important if you are sexually active as is the pap.



Get Secured, speaking of care, make sure you have covered your ground with proper health insurance or medical provisions, some women ignore personal medical insurance until a condition is present, we all know many insurance agencies deny coverage to pre-existing conditions, so take action. If you do not have employers insurance provision, then opt for a private agency. Check for private agencies and city community health centres where your health will truly matter and where you will truly feel comfortable. Being prepared for any health obstacle that might come your way is not only smart and safe but also economical, prevention is an ideal to ward off medical bills, and perhaps even be a life saver. Look in your local city websites and community listing from medical clinics that will cater to your needs for a lower cost than the alternative, healthcare should not be a luxury but a necessity for your personal wellbeing. 



Eat well, after a proper health screening has been perfomed and you are informed and are aware of how your health is, then is it is time to choose a proper diet. According to your results, you will identify what you will need for better health. If your blood tests come back with high sugar then you will opt for a sugar-free diet and a curve to the sweets, if your cholesterol comes back high then you will then have to choose alternatives to greasy foods, if you are not A plus state then of course as always you might consider stocking up on greens and fruits, this is always without a doubt the best solution to any diet or condition. A diet rich in greens, broccolis, lettuce, celery and more, a diet filled with delicious naturally sweet fruits, that can be a healthy alternative to candy and sugary things. A consultation with a dietician is not expensive and will yield great results to your overall dietary plans. Many would say you are what you eat, and this is most certainly true, because they reflect your image, your wellbeing and medical test results. It is important to know what to eat, eating things that will benefit your health, fish is an excellent provider of omega 3, a natural heart vitamin, fish will boost your heart health and also boost your brain health. Whole wheat bread, brown rice, foods that are naturally made and are without preservatives, the best option today is to go green and go natural, ditching processed meals for raw cooking.




Work it out, get active and get out, to contribute to your care, commence an exercise routine small as it may be, from morning jogging to afternoon walks around a park. Small as it may be it will help you get started, consider these things, especially if you are in front of a desk all day long, even at work you can make simple changes such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to work instead of driving. Consider taking up a small gym membership where you can have access to proper equipment to get you moving, a place you can feel comfortable and open about your body and your goals, a place where you can feel free. Aerobics are extremely helpful in getting a physical betterment mindset, they are simple and enjoyed by many women. An alternative for those who enjoy privacy is to purchase equipment for your home, a home treadmill and home gym equipment is a great investment for your health and image. Exercise helps lower your blood pressure, control your cholesterol and many other great health benefits, this will not only make you look great but also feel great too. Many sure you set yourself realistic goals to meet, many become discouraged when they do not see results right away, high a short and long term goal for your image.



Get enough sleep, as a health rule and beauty tip, getting enough sleep will avail you much in both goals, a rested mind and body will help you throughout your day. Proper sleep will make your immune system stronger to fight disease, it will also help your heart health. Sleeping well will also boost your mood and help you feel happier too, lack thereof can also lead you to many conditions of unbalance such as depression or anxiety. As a beauty tool, it will help you look refreshed and renewed for any appointment in your life, having the strength and mood to face any situation. Even at work, if you can take 15 to 20 minutes of sleep during a long shift, it will benefit your creativity and response, many companies in Europe now encourage their employees to take a nap in order to boost their mental output. Think of sleep as tool for achievement in your professional and personal life since it is a healthy choice. Lack of sleep can also lead you to eating binges and even gain weight, with midnight snacks and late night indulgence you can easily pack more pounds than you really need. Proper sleep improves your memory, helps you concentrate and will boost your performance professionally. Sufficient sleep can also prolong your life and the quality thereof as well, helping you with a healthy blood pressure too.




Balance your finances, shopping is a great pleasure for us all, but we also need to balance our budget and give as much as we take. Debt and overspending is not the right direction for any independent woman, credit card debt can land you into a position you do not want to be in. It is also important to make sure you are earning as much as you spend or more, ideally gaining more than you actually spend. Giving of your services and support through professional labour and business to obtain financial rewards in return, make it a goal to make twice as much money as you spend and learn to kick the debts out of the door through financial planning. There are many smaller agencies that can offer counsel and advice on handling personal finances, even your bank. For a home, a new car, renting, or home furniture, your credit scores matter greatly, you have to make sure your credit score is properly maintained, through timely payments and a credit check, paying off any old debts to department stores. Good credit scores are essential to modern living as a successful woman you need to watch over it with care. Credit cards are a great source of debt, although a needed source for modern payments, you need to learn how to manage your debts by again, balancing the amount owed to what you make each month, spending no more than 30% or so than what you actually make in income. If you are falling short of financial happiness, you might want to consider alternatives such as taking on a business, working extra hours, working during weekends, freelance work or more. Creating a financial strategy to making ends meet and living the life you want requires planning and action, execute your own plan to meet the financial freedom you crave. 



Cut the habit, reflect on your habits, take the time to think about many activities and decisions you have chosen that may not be providing the best results. Smoking is unhealthy we all know that, but to take action to curve the unhealthy habit is a challenge, even so that it may require medical help. It's important that you recognise which habits are causing you to wither, smoking is certainly not a positive element for your beauty and your health. Excessive drinking can and will contribute to poor health and therefore a lower beauty image projection, as drinking can enable you to look older, tired and can even lead to depression. Make a decision now to curve the habits that bring your image scores down. Excessive eating can certainly be on the list of many, we all indulge sometimes, sometimes food is just too delicious to say no. Learn to say no indeed, learn to say not to foods, restaurants and snacks that bring your image down. Counteract the effect with a positive defence, such as dieting, limiting yourself to just a few good drinks on a night out. If you are having blood sugar problems, kick the sugary drinks, sugary foods for alternatives. Habits that prevent you from being better, living a sedentary life is not good, either, choose to walk at least 30 minutes each day, if you can at leat half and hour of simple exercise. 



Relationships, consider the end factor in the means to happiness, our relationships, the relationship we have with ourselves and others is important. Being happy with yourself is just as important as being happy with your loved ones. Dedicate time and space for your friends and loved ones each day and each week, share in a simple activity such as a movie, a special dinner, a trip to the beach. Spending time with your loved ones will boost your energy inside and out, we all need positive energy to flow to us from others. It is important then to nurture supportive and caring relationships with others, our co-workers, neighbours, friends, family and children. Surround yourself with people that will make you feel good about yourself, honest people that will bring happiness to your life. Choose to close doors that lead the wrong influences in your life, people that gossip, people that deceive and cause trouble, nurture romance and ignite love in your life, a companion, your spouse, your significant other, a boyfriend. These relationship will not only bring you happiness but to them as well, it is these relationships you need to focus on. Looking great for your spouse or boyfriend is a great reward, looking great for yourself too, do not underestimate the relationship with yourself. Be beautiful, be your best for yourself and others, for who and what truly matters.